0% of Black Americans??? Count people, not percentage. | For city and for country, count me in for Amy Klobuchar for President

I am an independent African American female voter who has called Greater Boston home for a little over a decade. My first time voting in a presidential election, I was inspired by the message and vision of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama: Hope and Change, “Change we can believe in.”

I along with nearly 60 million other Americans elected the first minority president, the first African American president, of our nation. Our nation—a nation scarred and still wounded from the sin of chattel slavery—broke the precedent that one needed to be both a specific race and a specific gender to become President of the United States.

President Obama’s message of hope so motivated us to be audacious and our longing for change so drove us to explore a different message that WE changed as a nation in the process: while we were yet imperfect, while we were yet unresolved on the issues of inequality, injustice, and a legacy of white supremacy (conscious and subconscious), we surprised ourselves and each other, voting together, to realize Hope and Change in the election of President Barack Obama.

During the New Hampshire Democratic primary debate on February 11, Senator Amy Klobuchar reminded me of the hope that moved me so poignantly in 2008, the hope that changed people’s minds about a senator relatively unknown to the general public outside of his own state of Illinois.

During the New Hampshire debate, Senator Klobuchar began her closing remark stating:

“We may have lost an election in 2016, Democrats, but we did not lose hope.”

I am voting for Senator Amy Klobuchar as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States because she demonstrates integrity, humility, wisdom, fortitude, progressive vision and perseverance—especially perseverance in belief that we can work together and we can overcome our division for a shared future of greater prosperity. Senator Klobuchar desires to bring hope and change for us all.

Division, other-ing, scapegoating, cynicism, hostility and enmity for those who disagree with us plague our families, our communities, social media and news feeds 24/7. Anxiety and fear wreak havoc, pulling us to the extremes. Yet, Amy is not afraid of the challenge of working together; she is confident to lead us in realizing our greater power and potential in unity.

In 2018, after the Kavanaugh hearing, Klobuchar came on the television program The View and said as much:

“If you just go in your opposite corner of the boxing ring, you never get anything done. Because courage these days isn’t ‘Are you just going to stand there and give a speech by yourself?’. Courage is whether you’re willing to stand next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of this country.”

Let’s choose a President who, after nearly 13 years of proven bipartisan legislative success—a leader among peers in passing bills in the Senate, can bring a functional House of Representatives and Senate along with her to sign progress into law.

Let’s realize our hopes with a President who can bring about sustainable change that outlasts her administration because we, the people, together, chose a leader that inspired us to “go far” because we “go together”.

Let’s make Amy Klobuchar the 46th President of the United States by—first things first!—making her the Democratic nominee. Let’s vote for her despite all pundits, all polls, all odds on March 3rd. We all know how polls and conspicuous internet trolls served us in 2016.

So, my neighbor, do you still have the audacity to hope? If so, I encourage you to join me in voting for Amy Klobuchar as Democratic candidate and 46th President of our United States.

-A.M. Wilsonne

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