What? Where? H.E.R.E.

What is my focus H.E.R.E.?

H – Housing Affordability & Sustainability

E – Economic Justice & Opportunity

R – Racial Justice & Reconciliation

E – Environmental Justice & Stewardship


H.E.R.E. are the four pillars of this project.

These are the four passions that inspire me to to track my personal journey toward homeownership

in rural America

as a black female

with a mind for stewardship of the planet,


Publicly for what purpose? I hope to inspire and challenge others to consider their own position, circumstance, and role, within these four frontiers in their own life. Where do you find yourself on the map? How can you grow in knowledge and understanding of the terrain?

If you were apathetic, lukewarm or slothful about any of these areas before, perhaps your heart will change course and be moved to action toward restorative justice in these four realms, both for yourself and community, one small decision at a time.

Where is H.E.R.E.?

For me personally, I will carry these values with me to the community where I will one day put down roots, God willing. I will seek to contribute to their realization in how I live my life* in relation to others (*albeit imperfectly and a work in progress of course!).

Outside of my life decision, H.E.R.E can be realized anywhere. I hope for H.E.R.E to be pursued Everywhere, by Everyone!


Copyright © 2019 A.M. Wilsonne


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